Your Life Is A Blank Canvas-  Fill It!

Urban Sketch LA is a narrative - it's a way to tell a story - your story and of those around you.

Drawing is a suspension of time. It's a pause button on the craziness of our lives.

To draw from life is to be present.

It's not about perfection or knowing "how".

It's about making space for discovery, creation and imagination.

What is it?

Urban Sketch LA is a pop-up art studio where we teach people how to record life here in Los Angeles through words and drawings.

Where can I find you?

We pop-up in Los Angeles at different places. Search #UrbanSketchLA on all social platforms. We send alerts out to our mailing lists [sign up below] Also @ShelleyTheArtist on Instagram. We'll always provide updates about our present location and upcoming classes. We'll come to you for private and corporate events! Contact us.

What Can I Expect?

  • Urban Sketch LA works on an hourly rate. $25/hour. Large and small groups.

  • We start with a warm up so the group gets to know eachother

  • A Demo by Shelley The Artist  - to demystify the process of creating an Urban sketch

  • Deborah Pardes - storyshaper - sparks the narrative with you to bring your Urban Sketch to life

  • Materials are provided

  • If you elect to purchase the 2 hour class, we spend that 2nd hour collectively critiquing the art, reading the stories and pushing further into understanding how to creatively capture the world around you.

How do I participate?

You can get alerts if you sign up on our mailing [below]. $25 per hour. Register here.

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