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I have been with Shelley for over 7 years. She is wonderful with children of all ages. She understands how to motivate and open up young minds to the joy of creativity and the world around them.

Alan Mendleshon


My son was far from a confident artist when he joined Ms Cassidy's classes. During the time he has spent with this amazing teacher, he has blossomed into a true lover of the craft. He looks forward to herclasses each week and always comes home with a new masterpiece. I highly recommend this studio to everyone.

Mindy Molinary


I came to you at our first meeting telling you that I didn't know how to draw.  When you asked me to draw a self portrait my rendition was "amateurish" at best.  It is because of you and your approach to teaching art that I persevered and now am able to know that I can draw.  Even when I seemed to have lost my focus we went back to basics and you were instrumental in assessing what approach 

You are an accomplished artist!  There are those who achieve this level.  I believe that few are able to create an  atmosphere which encourages a student of art to continue to persevere  in spite of their fear of failure. 


Being in your art class expanded my horizons and enriched my life in so many ways. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement! It was a privilege and a pleasure to have you as my art teacher!


Kathy McKinley

Adult Student

When my daughter Scarlett started taking class with Shelley she was shy and quiet…a deep thinker…and a budding artist.  She is a bit of a perfectionist and that seemed to be getting in her way with regards to her artwork.  I watched her blossom under Shelley’s tutelage.  Shelley encouraged her to play, to have fun, to fail, to “let go”.  She helped her with technique and taught her to use new mediums.  She encouraged her to really look at the world around her and reflect that in her work.  And they always had a great time together.  Scarlett looks up to Shelley and they share a special relationship. Scarlett continues to make beautiful art...and she finds great joy in doing so.


We have a number of Shelley’s pieces hanging in our home because we love her artistic style…her playfulness…her use of color…and her understanding of the human spirit.  Shelley is a wonderful teacher, an insightful artist, and a warm and lovely person


Gwynn McColl


Shelley is an amazing art teacher. She's enthusiastic, kind and her love of art and teaching comes shining through. I love her philosophy -- it's never about the outcome, it's all about enjoying the process. My son gets so much enjoyment from her classes. She's patient and honest -- whether it's telling him what he's done is amazing or telling him he can improve on a certain assignment -- both of which he tells me he appreciates immensely.


Rebecca, Parent of

Jack Stay

12 years

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